Temporary cycle lane on High Street Kensington - Share your views

A temporary cycle lane from Westminster to Hammersmith has been put in place using the inside lane on Kensington High Street in RBKC. 

While giving cyclists their own lane, cars and buses will have less space down this busy roadway, going down to a single lane for much of the street.

We want to hear your views on how you feel this trial will affect traffic congestion and the possible impact on air quality.

High Street Kensington cycle lane survey

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1. Do you approve of the temporary cycle lane along High Street Kensington?
2. If you answered yes to the previous question, would you also like to see the cycle lane made permanent?
3. Would you use the temporary cycle lane to travel down High Street Kensington?
4. Do you believe that narrowing road space for cars in order to fit a cycle lane would have adverse effects on road traffic and pollution?
5. Should the Council find alternative routes for cyclists to the current trial scheme on High Street Kensington?